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We support leaders by

Aligning People 
Achieving Great Outcomes

Every company has the same tools: People, Strategy, Process and Technology.
We believe that without the right people the others are irrelevant.
Your greatest outcomes will be achieved only by the right people. 


We serve executive and leadership teams, boards, and investor groups in the government contracting space. 


Our clients serve agencies across the federal landscape from health and civilian to defense and intelligence customers. 


Our clients are diverse and provide services in technology and software, AI, cyber security, data analytics, systems integration, health compliance, pharmacy and citizen services, transportation/logistics, facilities, and consulting services.

Executive Search & Professional Consultants

We place key leaders and professional consultants in the following roles:

Strategy, Operations, IT/Technology, P&L leadership, Business Development & Capture, Accounting/Finance, Pricing, Contracts/Legal, Human Resources, and others.

Consulting Services

We also partner with our clients to evaluate organizational structure, existing talent quality, and internal talent acquisition processes to offer additional insights and improvements.


Our clients come to us repeatedly when they want to avoid the expensive and time-consuming results of miss-hires and are committed to hiring top performers who can achieve their growth, strategy, and operational objectives.


We recognize that no one else does things quite the same way as you. We see your business as unique and want to understand your business, culture, challenges, and desired outcomes. We will partner with you to align “A” players based on your business' unique profile.

The best candidates rarely respond to postings and must be delivered through a proactive and attractive engagement strategy. Collectively, we’ll build an attractive story that appropriately reflects your employer brand, and tactical and strategic objectives.  We'll launch a focused research process to map and target the market. Armed with your story, we will engage the passive market to make the right impression for your company.


We lead each interview with an understanding of the candidate’s motivations and goals. Only those who are most qualified, motivated, and aligned with our client’s goals and objectives are presented.

We engage closely with our clients and candidates throughout the entire process to ensure open and honest collaboration. We strive for authentic matches. Together we will align you with the people who have a demonstrated history of delivering the metrics you are looking to achieve.


We’re in the market place every day nurturing passive candidates and opening their horizons to career opportunities that are often passive or confidential.


We have a confidential and proactive approach to introducing candidates to prospective executive teams, boards, and investor groups even if we don’t have an active search. Ask us about it!

You can always expect complete confidentiality from us, and we will never represent you to a company without your permission.


Honesty and Transparency:

We believe that trust is only earned through honesty and transparency. We believe these qualities breed collaboration and success, and so we will strive to live these principles.


Because we all have different perspectives and experiences, we believe there is something to learn from everyone. We will be ferocious about asking questions, and we believe active listening is the foundation for understanding, trust, and influence.



Everything worth doing takes patient consistent hard work. We understand that doing things the right way is not easy, and we commit to doing the hard work while fostering a growth mindset.

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“In over 25 years of leadership experience, my view is that Executives, Hiring Managers and Applicants equally will not find a more proficient talent acquisition expert than Mr. Brown.”

Bill, Chief Strategy Officer, Federal Health Contractor (Client & Candidate)

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